Establishing the capital of science and technology,creating the world famous brand

More than 26 Years of Innovation


Mr zheng established yueqing puqi electrical plastic factory (predecessor of Kudu Electric co,.Ltd)


We moved to PuQi industrial Zone in Hong Qiao Town in which we are located now


We introduced and cultivated the professional intellect, inputting the new energy to the the ability of inventing and designing the new products


Our laboratory was recognised as UL CTD and TDU laboratory


we took part in Cologne Hardware Fair in Germany for the first time. In the same year, we took part in the Canton Fair in Guangzhou and Hardware Fair in Chicago. From then on,we started marching on the stage of international market.


Our laboratory was recognized as laboratory with ENTERTEK, ETL, SEMKO


Our company changed its name , and named itself as Kudu Electric co ,.Ltd


Our company finished extending its laboratory, and established short current laboratory of 10KA and 500V


We built jopnt venture company with international group Socomec group And named company as Zhejiang suke electric co, Ltd.


With the permission of administrative bureau for industry and commerce, it registered the national enterprise without the limit of areal. And it formally named itself as Kudu co Electric ,.Ltd


We obtained patent for one electromagnetic switch with lock mechanism.


We began the project of the manufacturing base in Hangzhou. We will have two manufacturing base in Wenzhou and Hangzhou accordingly

We obtained patent for one switch with contact and operating mechanism of leakage circuit breaker


With the innovative development of over 20 years, we make the great-leap-forward development historically by making use of the inventing ability and the advantage of the brand