Equipment - Photovoltaic Isolating Switch
ZH50-825 DC Switch-Disconnector for Photovoltaic
Zh50 miniature DC switch-disconnector for photovoltaic is used for DC-side of inverter for small combiner box (including domestic), which is specially used to break solar panels and DC/AC inverter. It can meet the requirements of inverter system with its power below 15kW.
·Convenient and practical design of tiered modular structure, bidirectional non-polarised connection.
·Rated voltage can be customized. Maximum DC1500V
·Rated current is up to 58A, which ensures reliable switching up to 23A 1500V within DC-PV1/DC-PV2
·Our advanced contact design guarantees no oxidation develop (slow operation), which prevents overheating.
·Low energy consumption maximizes the energy efficiency of DC distribution system
·The ZH50 switch-disconnector has 2,4,6,8 contacts, series or parallel wiring of the contacts increases the contact rating.
·The switching speed of the manually operated knob does not have an affect on the switching speed of the contacts.
·Easily to be installed by slider or screw. Large wiring holes can traverse the cable with a maxim
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Photovoltaic Isolating Switch
Convenient and practical design with a tiered modular structure and bidirectional non-polarized connection. Rated voltage can be customized, maximum DC 1200V, rated current: 6A, 20A, 25A, 32A and 40A, less energy consumption can maximize the efficiency of theDC power distribution system.
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