Equipment - Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
CKDD1-A-BX MPCB / MCP with Box
CKDD1 series motor protection circuit breaker MPCB and motor circuit protector MCP apply to the cirucit with AC voltage up to 690V and rated current up to 45A, used for overload, phase loss and short circuit protection of three-phase asynchronous motor. This series of products can also be built with AC contactor and thermal relay to form the motor control and protection system, providing a long-distance connecting and breaking circuit, suitable for frequent startup and control of AC motor.
This series of products have two housing frames of 32A and 45A, 18 current grades. The rated current can be calibrated. The product has temperature compensation function, accurately matched to motor power; and they carry lateral mounted, and top mounted auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, lateral mounted undervoltage tripper, shunt tripper, surge suppressor and other modules, presenting complete accessories and good derivation.
Comply with standard: GB14048.2, GB14048.4, IEC/EN60947-2, IEC/EN 60947-4-1.
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Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
The motor protection switch is designed to protect the electric system from overloading, if over current occurs the switch component will react to cut the system. The high capacity switch can provide optimum protection for the electric system. The motor protection switch can be reset at any time by pushing the button.
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